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About The Olde School Shakespeare Collective

Our Story

The Olde School Shakespeare Collective is a community-driven ensemble that immerses audiences in the world of Shakespeare. Our approach is refreshingly unconventional - we're actors, directors, and artists who come together to craft theater experiences for the working class. We proudly take the reins of our own productions, rehearsing only once before transforming a local public house into our stage. Here, our community members can enjoy a drink, engage with us, and depart with a newfound perspective on theater's possibilities.


Within our non-hierarchical framework, those actively involved in the creative process take center stage. We're akin to mad scientists, experimenting with age-old theatrical techniques to craft contemporary responses. At the heart of our mission is the belief that Shakespeare should be accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of background or experience. Join us for an evening that promises to transport you to another era while redefining the very essence of theater.

Meet the Team

We believe that what we have to offer is an antidote to the many complaints issued by the theatre community over the course of COVID: Lack of diversity, unequal pay, productions that don’t adjust to fit the times, outdated themes, companies that lack actual connections with the humans and artists within their communities, theatre companies that don’t listen, theatre companies who only listen to the highest paying subscribers, etc... the list could go on forever. We hope that you see these issues and complaints that you may have given voice to yourself and feel seen in some way. That is why we do what we do.

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