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Measure for Measure

In the shadows of Vienna's darkened streets, a timeless tale of power, desire, and deception unfolds. Justice teeters on a precipice as a virtuous city official wrestles with his own morality. In the relentless grip of corruption, will he sacrifice his principles to protect the one he loves? In this gripping Shakespearean drama, secrets lurk, hearts collide, and the scales of fate tremble. Step into the enigmatic world of "Measure for Measure," where the boundary between sin and virtue blurs, and the pursuit of justice becomes a high-stakes game of passion and intrigue. Prepare to be captivated, for the night holds more than what meets the eye...


GA Tickets are $15, and VIP Tickets are $25

VIP includes table seating and a free premium cocktail.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm

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The show is led and curated by Sophie Murk, Wyatt McCall, and Hayley Procacci, who, as a part of the company’s mission, are also part of the acting ensemble.


In this production of Measure for Measure, The Olde School Shakespeare Collective brings the audience into the story of a religious community in crisis. The leader has abandoned them and left the stringent Angelo in his place. His brutal attempt to eliminate debauchery ignites the community in a counter-quest for justice led by the purest soul of all, Isabella. When Shakespeare wrote the story, he was inspired by the Catholic reign in Vienna. Today, Olde School Shakes chooses to tell this story through the lens of a fundamentalist evangelicalism. 


“In 2018, two of the biggest megachurch leaders in the nation fell from grace and stepped down due to allegations of sexual misconduct and financial embezzlement in the Chicago suburbs. Church by church, we see the same thing happening all over the country,” says The Olde School Shakespeare Collective co-founder, Sophie Murk. “How do we find right and wrong once we no longer trust the institution that’s always ruled us? This production attempts to find the answers by being us the story of Isabella, a devout Christian who strives to fight for the redemption of her sister and save her life, but she encounters a hypocritical proposition as her only choice, pressing her to ask us ‘did I tell this, who would believe me?’”


Olde School Shakes invites and encourages audience engagement and participation, reminiscent of the groundlings and playhouses of Elizabethan England with a modern twist. Enjoy some drinks and revelry in the back room at Redline VR, and don’t just watch the story, but help make it happen. 

Meet the Cast

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